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  1. YMO
    Cause most of the Gundam stories are dumb. *Young teen characters who have small penis syndrome. *70s PSI stuff. *Blah storylines. *Virgin target audience for gunpla.

    I did like Gundam Unicorn, but most of the stories are dumb and makes me want to move back to my childhood bedroom.
    Oct 5, 2022
  2. Aelms
    What YMO said honestly. Unicorn is great - all the AU stuff is iffy at best. I loved IBO though.

    I also think there’s just a lot more to get out of watching the original Evangelion or Gurren Lagann for people who aren’t familiar with anime.
    Oct 5, 2022
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  3. Aelms
    There’s also this niche show called Now and Then, Here and There that really nails tall of the Gubdam themes without ever selling you a toy robot. Really wish more people knew it.
    Oct 5, 2022
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  4. Deep Funk
    Deep Funk
    Iron Blooded Orphans was one of the best series. Mikazuki in the last episode, that was some good storytelling. After Gundam Wing and Gundam Seed I almost gave up. Gundam 007 was nice though.
    Oct 5, 2022