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  1. Gazny
    apples to oranges
    Jan 14, 2023
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  2. Ksaurav402
    @Gazny but both are dynamic driver with 300 ohm and ZMF are known to work well with OTL. ZMF VC works well out of DSHA-3F but don't have that amp with me right now.
    Jan 14, 2023
  3. joch
    Sometimes gear just don’t gel? Have you tried a different upstream source?
    Jan 14, 2023
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  4. Claritas
    @joch My belief is the source should be neutral and be able to handle everything well. And it's the amp that works or doesn't work because horses for courses. I use one good source and too many amps for different sorts of transducers.
    Jan 15, 2023
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  5. Ksaurav402
    @joch not recently as only have limited things with me for music atm
    Jan 15, 2023