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  1. yotacowboy
    it helps if you enter that site with an exaggerated sense of self importance, and a general distaste for empiricism. Your favorite word must be "fallacy" if you seek to derive any pleasure from reading the lemming-drivel there.
    Oct 21, 2023
  2. Justin S
    Justin S
    I always remember @dematted calling it a positivist revival tent, which I think is accurate. I would take it a step further and say that it's like reading positivist arguments authored by Beavis and Butt-head.
    Oct 21, 2023
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  3. Case
    We're the neighborhood bar. They're the neighborhood cargo cult. Both can eff you up.
    Oct 21, 2023
  4. Thad E Ginathom
    Thad E Ginathom
    "I can't wrap my head around ASR ..."
    "it helps if you enter that site ... with"

    It helps if you do not enter the site at all. Ever.
    Do not try to wrap any part of your body around it.

    Amir/ASR? Just say no.
    Simple, easy hint towards a happier life.
    Oct 22, 2023
  5. HotRatSalad
    That's right I agree every chip amp does sound the same. Next...
    Oct 22, 2023
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  6. Justin S
    Justin S
    "Do not try to wrap any part of your body around it."'re right. Ewwww.
    Oct 22, 2023
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