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  1. Melvillian
    In Southern California so we only experienced around 2/3. Had to use two pieces of welder's glass pieces to comfortable view. It was quite beautiful.
    Aug 21, 2017
  2. powermatic
    Went far enough north to be right on the edge of 'the band', so got about 30 seconds of totality. Didn't get quite as dark as I thought it would, but Venus was out! Pretty cool!
    Aug 21, 2017
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  3. Mystic
    Got the full brunt of totality where I live. Was pretty amazing. Space is awesome.
    Aug 21, 2017
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  4. FlySweep
    I'm in SouthWest PDX.. about 30 mins from the PoT.. 99.5% eclipse coverage, I think.. it was really cool. Weather was gorgeous today.. blue skies and brilliant sunshine. The eclipse was cool and very eerie.. like someone very slowly turned the dimmer down. Interestingly enough, I felt myself getting kind of tired drowsy as it occurred. It was so smooth and subtle... yet obvious.
    Aug 21, 2017