Redscape Audio 3D Tracker + Software Impressions

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    Hi Friends,

    I thought I would write some impressions on a pretty interesting and unique product I had the pleasure demoing for... actually I don't even know how long, probably around a year? I found out about this product when I was at Canjam 2 years ago and it was the product that stood out the most out of all the things I tried there. I was so amazed of this technology Ryan (creator) made at a relatively affordable pricing, I even wrote him an email expressing my enthusiasm for the product. I think couple months after, he asked me to be one of his beta testers for the product. For some time now I've been giving him feedback, but when I was switching jobs, moving apartment, and ..just life things, I lost touch with him. (100% my fault) Anyways, let me get to the point.

    Basically this software emulates the speaker-like sound into any headphone you plug into. Yeah I know, wtf right? You can use most available DACs out there, I'm using the Schiit Hel + Porta Pros right now and it works flawlessly. I'll drop down some key things here

    Listening chain: Redscape Audio > Schiit Hel > Porta Pro

    - It has a systemic 10 band EQ and you can add as many profiles as you want for different headphones you're using.
    - Windows only for now I think
    - 3 different modes to cater to what you're using it for: music, gaming, and movies. I usually just leave it on the music setting.
    - When you turn the software on, it actually projects the sound infront of you, you can see the singer and the instruments around it. Not "in your head" experience at all.
    - 3D tracker that you attach to the top of the headphone. Basically once you put it on and calibrate it, the sound stays in place even if you move your head around. You can "see" the instruments and singers like you're at a live concert. Pretty gnarly stuff - Resolution and imaging depends on your headphones. I found the best imaging and resolution when I was using the HD800, but it still works fine with any headphones or even IEMs. Verite also worked well, but i thought the weight kind of took away from the experience. HD650 works well, but doesn't image very well as the HD800. Porta pros are good enough for me since I don't game much anymore and just listen to music and watch movies. Strongly recommended to use an openback + decent resolution because the lack of air in IEMs and closebacks takes away from the overall experience in my opinion.
    - Currently, I'm not using the 3D tracker on it because the cable is a bit heavy and gets in the way sometimes. I just use the software and leave it on most of the time when I'm not using it for critical listening for impressions and stuff. I have a separate rig for that anyway.
    - Sometimes I get confused thinking I'm listening to my Vanatoo T0 speakers when it's just my porta pros … people who bitch about soundstage of headphones, should try this! Also ideal for people who want to have the sound of speakers but are limited by their living situation.
    - People around you won't hear the difference between the software on or off. You can toggle between ON and OFF and easily tell a difference in stage and immersion factor. I wish I could have brought this to the meet, but that meant I would have to drag my PC there lol

    It's definitely not for everyone and I don't think these are meant to replace your main headphone rig or speakers, but provides a unique speaker-like experience at a very affordable pricing. I know there's the Smyth realizer ? which is substantially more expensive. I think there's decent amount of friends here that would be interested in this so I decided to write my impressions here. Would be a cool loaner idea, but I think we would have to work with Ryan first since the license key only allows for one source. Mine's a prototype/demo so not sure if things have changed.

    **Disclaimer: I'm not a MOT and do not benefit from this at all. I chose to do this of my own free will and I just thought it would be a cool product for the community to check out :)

    here's the website for more info: There's also demo tracks that you can listen to, to hear the differences.

    @Mods i'm not sure if this is the right section to post this, so please move it to the appropriate section at your convenience.
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