What’s your dream vehicle lineup?

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    I like that. Don't see many fast wagons around these parts, the occasional Audi Avant is about it. Would have considered a BMW Touring myself in the past if they sold them here with the stronger engines but no such luck. In North America it seems everyone prefers SUVs, but a wagon is going to handle way better.
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    Exactly why I got this car. I actually didn't want a BMW (not as big of a fan of modern BMW in the last ~12-15 years aside from 6 series and m2/m240) but it was one of the 2 cars I tried that I felt had the right balance between "enjoyable drive" and "practical" (for me and my needs, etc etc). In retrospect, I do sometimes wish I would have just got a mid size diesel SUV or truck + a Miata or BRZ/FRS for the same or less $ as the 240 but on the flip side 2 cars in my current living situation be more hassle than fun.

    Part of my "big trucks and seemingly useless small SUVs" musing a few weeks ago... which I still need to reply to.
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    RV for road-tripping:

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    Update, I bought myself a cheap-ish, rather beat up e36 320i with a well working drivetrain, Ive had it for a few days now and already destroyed the rear tyres on public roads in town only: Best car in the world. Way better driving experience, than expected, it fits me like a glove, I wouldnt exchange it for anything else.

    It came aftermarket with some cheap sporty height adjustable suspension and a sporty (small) steering wheel. Came with deleted cat, straightpipe into muffler.

    Pleasant old german car ownership experience, including the smell and everything falling apart.

    Spectacular to drive, its so cold heartedly stable even over bumps yet so gentle and responsive to control.

    Everything, the controlls, feels mechanical and analog and waaay more direct than VW group cars Ive driven. Very alive steering feel. Very easy to point and shoot, too, including during small drifts, the car never breaks a sweat. Predictible and friendly, but alive on its toes.

    Great pedals, driving position and visibility, its very small on the road compared to a lot of newer cars.

    And of course, its a relatively lightweight, 6 cylinder rearwheel drive car. It always begs you to drive it a bit harder. But cruising isnt boring, it feels spectacular, too, just feeling the brilliance in the way the car carries itself, ahh. Everything disapears when youre in the drivers seat, its like being in your own mecha, at home, and its a visceral experience.

    The sound is perfect, too, pickup sounds like hydraulic pumps whining and some beast coming alive, after that I believe the straight steel pipe resonates at some mode, roughly around 3k+ rpm, giving it that extra raspy loud roar, it is howling and magnificent. Theres interesting e36 320i videos on youtube btw.

    5 speed manual; Engine hasnt got tonnes of torque, but comes alive and goes wild after 3k rpm, almost feels as if it has an oldschool turbo, but runs out of breath a bit at the top bits of rpm range, its a 6.5k limiter, I believe.

    I dont see it as a sportscar anymore, I see it as a supercar and its the best one out there. Its a dream come true.


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