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  1. neo_the_one
    Headphones : Utopia, LCD4, HE1kv2
    Amps: EC Studio Jr (2 different 300b tubes), Violectric v200,
    Dac: Holo May L3 KTE
    Source: Dante AES + Muctec MC3+ + Antelope Audio live clock, HQplayer and many different software, Mac Pro 2019 (19)
    Jun 24, 2022
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  2. Deep Funk
    Deep Funk
    If Dante also writes poetry expect a "Divine Comedy."
    Jun 24, 2022
  3. Gazny
    Jun 24, 2022
  4. GoodEnoughGear
    Not sure I'm understanding - Dante is a transmission protocol, no? HQP is a resampler. Or are you talking Dante vs NAA?
    Jun 24, 2022
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  5. crenca
    @neo_the_one , like GoodEnough says these things are two different animals and are not directly comparable if I understand Dante correctly. Are you referring to a resampler that is part of Dante, or do you mean an HQPlayer *over* Dante (so a Dante & HQPlayer) writeup?
    Jun 25, 2022
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