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  1. Justin S
    Justin S
    I am fickle. Switching back to the 800Ss it is zero contest....the 800Ss are resplendent.
    Aug 19, 2023
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  2. zonto
    HD600 are cymbal presence machines. Mids are too hot though. For that try HD650. :)
    Aug 20, 2023
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  3. Justin S
    Justin S
    I don't really get along with the 650s so well - my ears find them a bit too woolly. I did the KISS mod and it helped..but I still prefer the 600/800Ss
    Aug 20, 2023
  4. Qildail
    Every time I get twitchy about owning my own pair of 800S, I go back to the 600. Then cycle back around on the twitchy part again…
    Aug 20, 2023
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  5. Justin S
    Justin S
    The 800Ss are a thing for sure. I've been through the Focal Clears, LCD-Xs, Elexes, Grados and the 800Ss have really stuck with me. I am definitely a plastic dynamic guy. I would say, though, I am ZMF-curious.
    Aug 20, 2023
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