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  1. Collusion
    There's some rumination about a "Less is Better" version on Head-Fi. Supposedly a LIM with a discrete analog stage.
    Jan 8, 2024
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  2. Wilewarer
    There's always something, right? When I see a new abbreviation placed without comment in a gear review I figure we'll learn what it stands for in a couple months or years. Which would be the case here, anyway.
    Jan 8, 2024
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  3. internethandle
    Where are you seeing this? I assume the Schiit Happened thread but wading through that thing is always a chore with all the dudes in there shooting the Schiit.
    Jan 8, 2024
  4. schiit
    MIB is the new flavor.
    Jan 8, 2024
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  5. internethandle
    Well, there ya have it.
    Jan 8, 2024
  6. roshambo123
    I'm waiting for the Enough is Enough flavor.
    Jan 8, 2024
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