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  1. ergopower
    Feb 18, 2024
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  2. Lyander
    Did a quick lookup, is it the salmonella thing?
    Feb 18, 2024
  3. roshambo123
  4. penguins
    ugh.... I just opened a big box of honey nut cheerios... haven't had them in forever too.
    Feb 19, 2024
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  5. Claritas
    According to historians, the “Dancing Mania” at Aachen in 1374 was caused by ergotism, a rye fungus. Whereas venereal disease is caused by goterism. @Thad E Ginathom
    Feb 19, 2024
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  6. purr1n
    Steel cut oats from the can.
    Feb 19, 2024
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  7. Walderstorn
    For heavens sake, i just bought 2 boxes of Cheerios.
    Feb 19, 2024
  8. roshambo123
    The frustrating part is they didn't disclose what brands lacked contamination, other than basically everything not organic, of which 12.5% still tested positive
    Feb 19, 2024
  9. roshambo123
    Feb 19, 2024
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  10. Josh83
    EWG generally does good work. Yeah, it tends to have much more conservative thresholds than government agencies (or, of course, the chemical industry). But if you’d prefer to err on the side of caution, it’s not a bad source, especially because the number of consumer publications doing lab testing is dwindling.
    Mar 6, 2024