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  1. zonto
    It's a trap. :)

    Do you have a WiiU? If so, let's play MK8.
    Jan 14, 2017
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  2. gaspasser
    I want it but I still have a ton of games to play on Wii, Wii U and 3DS, not to mention the NES Classic reboot. Too many good games to play and not enough time
    Jan 14, 2017
  3. Kattefjaes
    If the balance of the rubberbanding/weapons in MK is more like the Cube/DS than the lottery-style "prizes for all" Wii version, I'm going to be dangerously tempted.
    Jan 14, 2017
  4. zonto
    Are they changing MK8? I saw a video blurb about it and seemed like they tweaked MK8 a bit w/r/t the battle mode.
    Jan 14, 2017
  5. fraggler
    I want one specifically to play Zelda. Anything else is a bonus.
    Jan 14, 2017
  6. Mystic
    Hoping for a Mario kart 8 bundle. $300 at launch with only Zelda and it's not even included? Psh
    Jan 14, 2017