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  1. spwath
    Can't be worse than the star wars holiday special...
    Dec 25, 2019
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  2. Ringingears
    If you really want to see a bad movie go check out “Cats”. My eyes, my eyes!
    Dec 25, 2019
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  3. BillOhio
    Force Awakens did $2.1B, Last Jedi. $1.3B.... This one is already at $430M and I'd love to see it stay under a billion.
    Dec 25, 2019
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  4. imackler
    Is it really worse than attack of the clones?!
    Dec 25, 2019
  5. SoupRKnowva
    I would have to respectfully disagree. TLJ is the worst SW movie ever made, and while ROS isn’t the best, I really do feel like it was the best JJ could manage considering the ruin Rian Johnson left him with
    Dec 25, 2019
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  6. brencho
    I bet Cats on acid would be a pretty great film experience
    Dec 25, 2019
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  7. purr1n
    JJ ate too many memberberries. He could have backed off.
    Dec 25, 2019
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  8. imackler
    I watched the Battle for Endor recently. Local library had it as well as the Caravan of Courage.
    Dec 25, 2019
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  9. RiddleyWalker
    TLJ definitely worse. ROS enjoyable as a popcorn flick IMO
    Dec 25, 2019
  10. JK47
    The only Star Wars related dvd I own is The Battle for Endor and Caravan of Courage set. Nuff said, don’t you dare diss the Ewoks.
    Dec 26, 2019
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