Comments on Profile Post by Merrick

  1. Mithrandir41
    Dislike for the shittiness of other people
    Mar 14, 2020
  2. DigMe
    Man sorry to hear it. 2019 was a bad year for me for headphones left some in a taxi, had some others go kaput.
    Mar 14, 2020
  3. Thad E Ginathom
    Thad E Ginathom
    Damn. Shitty people.
    Mar 14, 2020
  4. YMO
    F that. Sorry dude.
    Mar 14, 2020
  5. Ksaurav402
    You will get something better don't worry...but we are living in the time where everything is worth few rolls of toilet paper
    Mar 14, 2020
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  6. Ksaurav402
    Don't think of it as stolen but as a gift given to your grandmother while she travels to a better place
    You will feel better
    Mar 14, 2020
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  7. atomicbob
    Karma has a way of working things out. You may never see it but those responsible will definitely have some "interesting" times.
    Mar 14, 2020