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  1. barelyincollege
    Complete the trifecta - buy the 6XX...
    Dec 9, 2016
  2. manatworks
    That'd take quite a while to A/B them and pick which to keep.
    Dec 9, 2016
  3. imackler
    If they can both get enough time, I'd keep both. Well, that is based on the HD650 and HD600. For me, the HD600 at work where I want to be productive and listen to classical, the HD650 at home for where I want to chill. But for me both have not been worth it in the same location. I'd rather mix it up with a TH-X00, for example...
    Dec 9, 2016
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  4. Deep Funk
    Deep Funk
    The HD650 for everything with more bass. The HD600 for that neutral-ish sound.
    Dec 10, 2016
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  5. Dino
    Batshit crazy is in the eye of the beholder (or something like that).
    Dec 10, 2016
  6. Mystic
    I think you need to get a 580 and complete the collection. ;)
    Dec 10, 2016
  7. Claritas
    As both are readily available, it might be best to base your decision on opportunity cost: would you rather have the ~$200 to save or to spend on something else? "Jesus saves. Moses invests."
    Dec 10, 2016
  8. thegunner100
    HD650 + HD800 imo
    Dec 10, 2016
  9. zonto
    I've kept both of those for now Colgin, but prefer the FR of the 600 overall. Hoping a modified KISS mod will let me get rid of the 600. :)
    Dec 10, 2016
  10. Colgin
    Not a huge fan of stock 650, but am enjoying modded version. Each of it and 600 has their own virtues. Probably still prefer 600 but can see a place for each.
    Dec 10, 2016
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