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  1. DigMe
    Ive suddenly been getting google ads too.
    Apr 3, 2021
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  2. Kernel Kurtz
    Kernel Kurtz
    I have no problem with targeted ads on a site like this. I'm an audiophile and they advertise audio stuff. The internet is working normally in this case.

    Pop overs and pop unders are just annoying though, so Ublock now enabled for this site and fixed the issue. Hope to be able to turn it off again soon.
    Apr 3, 2021
  3. nishan99
    Same with Android using chrome. They're as annoying as the previous popups if not even more.
    Apr 3, 2021
  4. insidious meme
    insidious meme
    This started to be a problem on the android Chrome. I've had ublock origin on my desktop so I haven't seen it there.
    Apr 3, 2021
  5. ogodei
    Try a free demo from, painless way to take care of ads on desktop or mobile, handles much (not all) of the same as Ublock. I have no connection with it, just a user.
    Apr 3, 2021
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  6. dubharmonic
  7. Merrick
    Wipr is my preferred iOS ad blocker.
    Apr 3, 2021
  8. Syzygy
    Ads? We don't need no stinkin' ads!

    We use DNS blocking here. 2 Raspberry Pi's with CoreDNS installed and blocklists refreshed nightly.
    Apr 3, 2021
  9. Inoculator
    How much do I need to donate via patron monthly to make it OK that I ad block...
    Apr 3, 2021
  10. Ksaurav402
    Looks like it's fixed now. No more getting Ads.
    Apr 3, 2021
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  11. GoodEnoughGear
    Still ads here, but very annoying, from popups to scroll-downs. Embed them, sure, but this interstitial shit has to go.
    Apr 3, 2021
  12. rlow
    Ads seem to be gone for me this morning. Sweet, thanks Admins!
    Apr 4, 2021
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