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Sep 26, 2015
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Sep 24, 1993 (Age: 26)
Michigan, USA
Local gas station

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Doglover, Male, 26, from Michigan, USA


Nabbed an AKG K270 Playback, now here I am bopping my head and tapping my foot. AKG midrange with slamming bass. wtf. Sep 25, 2016

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Nov 2, 2019
    1. Azteca
      Saw one of the knockoff avatars and thought about you. I hope all is well. I'm curious: did you pretty much give up on vintage headphones and embrace the HD800?
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      3. Kunlun
        SBAF isn't letting me post the lyrics to Puff The Magic Dragon...
        Jan 10, 2018
      4. Kunlun
        But, if i understand the song right, takato either hit puberty or stopped smoking pot.
        Jan 10, 2018
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      5. SoupRKnowva
        tak hasnt been around in forever...i miss that guy
        Jan 10, 2018
    2. Clmntbnr
      New here, couldn't find the "send a private message" button. Anyway, I'm extremely interested on how your project to put HD800's drivers into a K1000 turned out. Did you do it ?
      1. DigMe
        To send PM's select a username and then select "Start a conversation"
        Mar 28, 2017
    3. takato14
      Nabbed an AKG K270 Playback, now here I am bopping my head and tapping my foot. AKG midrange with slamming bass. wtf.
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    4. takato14
      Day 5. I am finally starting to notice all the extra information the HD800 is throwing at me. Mother of god.
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      3. HitmanFluffy
        Aug 1, 2016
      4. Jun
        Between the HE-6 and HD 800, both out of good amps which one would you choose?
        Aug 7, 2016
      5. takato14

        the HE-6 just isn't as clean, and no amp will change that

        there's also this nasty treble coloration on the HE-6 that makes them sound simultaneously distant and hissy that's not present on the senns, but that could change with amplification so grain of salt
        Aug 8, 2016
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    5. takato14
      Sennheiser HD800 motherfuckers. Dayum.
      1. FlySweep
        Your first time hearing them?
        Jul 25, 2016
      2. bazelio
        LOL. True!
        Jul 25, 2016
      3. takato14
        Second time actually, @FlySweep. Tried them in a coffee shop a couple years back. Didn't like them at the time... I was hella deaf back then lmao
        Jul 25, 2016
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    6. takato14
      "I'm looking at the O2 for my LCD-2 portable rig once I have it." -- me, 4+ years ago on head-fi. LOL. #mistakes-have-been-made
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      3. Azteca
        O2, Audeze, furry avatar...it all adds up. :p
        Jul 15, 2016
      4. Serious
        LCD-2 portable rig...
        Jul 15, 2016
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      5. Riotvan
        Haha, i can relate. 15 years ago i started with a HD600 and a nice tube amp. Should've left well enough alone but nope, HF fucked with my head....
        Jul 15, 2016
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    7. takato14
      1. brencho
        6" #onagoodday
        Jul 15, 2016
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    8. takato14
      fuck headphones
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      2. Merrick
        At least buy them dinner first.
        Jun 30, 2016
      3. Deep Funk
        Deep Funk
        Please tell me the that you gave up on the DT48. Then this message makes sense. Keep it as an artefact of massive failure to remind mankind in the future.
        Jul 1, 2016
      4. takato14
        Jul 1, 2016
    9. Ushi
      Hi, i've just got the HD-S9 and saw you modding one in your profile. Please public the detail of your mods when you finished it. Thx.
      1. takato14
        Just warning you... the HD-S9 is a piece of garbage, the driver has no potential whatsoever, it cannot push bass or treble no matter what you do to it. I spent weeks working on it and nothing ever worked. Hopefully you didn't pay too much for it.
        Jun 29, 2016
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      2. Ushi
        Yeah, i though so too after changing the rotted damping foam. Just wanna se what can you do and learn more from it, i like to collect and fix vintage headphone. I paid 25$ shipped for it. Mayb ill put the ath-2 driver into it someday.
        Jun 30, 2016
    10. takato14
      Been over 6 weeks since the amp I want for my HE-6 showed up for sale. Pissed.
      1. zerodeefex
        What amp?
        Apr 6, 2016
      2. takato14
        Sansui AU-G77XII. Haven't seen even one up for sale since the one I had lined up on eBay sold back in February. :/
        Apr 6, 2016
    11. takato14
      Thanks ravi. No, really, thank you.
    12. Deep Funk
      Deep Funk
      You deserve a good custom title for all your efforts. People with your knowledge and skills are rare...
      1. Claritas
        Hear, hear!
        Mar 31, 2016
      2. takato14
        Mar 31, 2016
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    13. takato14
      RE: MOTW: Does plush dragon ass count?
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      2. zerodeefex
        I didn't put it up but I'm going to make an exec decision and say that doesn't count.
        Mar 17, 2016
      3. takato14
        b-but I already bought the HE-6
        Mar 17, 2016
      4. purr1n
        Only if the plush dragon can into a hot thick and juicy chick.
        Mar 18, 2016
    14. takato14
      WTF, people on head-fi saying the SE-Master 1's measurements are good. I fucking give up.
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      2. HitmanFluffy
        Hey, Jude said the HD700 was a good headphone
        Jan 28, 2016
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      3. takato14
        and hopefully now it is :^)
        Jan 28, 2016
      4. mtoc
        LOL, they ain't know what a ok measurement should loook.
        Feb 10, 2016
    15. takato14
      Ravi, that YH-100 better get here soon, I'm going insane without my SS-100
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      2. zerodeefex
        Been working from home sick young padawan. Haven't been able to get it from work yet.
        Jan 26, 2016
      3. takato14
        Im just kidding of course, take your time and feel better soon <3
        Jan 26, 2016
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    16. takato14
      Tyll has received the HD700. T H E H Y P E I S R E A L
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      2. lm4der
        Graphs or it didn't happen.
        Jan 24, 2016
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      3. takato14
        He hasn't opened the package yet. He probably doesn't work on weekends.
        Jan 24, 2016
      4. lm4der
        Ah yeah. Ok, should be soon!
        Jan 24, 2016
    17. takato14
      Yay, down to only one headphone. Watch the HD700 still measure like shit. My fate is in your hands, Tyll.
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      3. takato14
        wait what

        I have discord, what server/channel
        Jan 20, 2016
      4. lm4der
        Can't wait to see Tyll's measurements. In the end it all came down to the pads, yes?
        Jan 20, 2016
      5. takato14
        yeah the pads turned out to be the majority of the issue, but I also took the highs down a lot with some damping

        we'll see if im deaf or not soon, though I will say that while they are better than stock and extremely precise sounding I was finding them relatively unenjoyable compared to the Sansui or even the Pioneers...
        Jan 20, 2016
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    18. takato14
      ok so lm4der won't stop baiting me to go to the IRC but I dont even have the foggiest recollection of the channel and password
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      2. Claritas
        Jan 12, 2016
    19. takato14
      Tried to open the shoutbox this morning. It's like a child coming home to a house fire after kidnergarten.
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      2. Claritas
        Yeah. Good times. Heck, even the bad times were worthwhile.
        Jan 11, 2016
      3. lm4der
        Don't worry, we still gossip about you on irc.
        Jan 11, 2016
    20. takato14
      Still no SBAF shoutbox. RIP me.
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      2. lm4der
        Will someone please RIP tak a new one?
        Jan 10, 2016
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      3. insidious meme
        insidious meme
        That's what I'll be doing on IRC.
        Jan 10, 2016
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  • About

    Sep 24, 1993 (Age: 26)
    Michigan, USA
    Local gas station
    Gear List:

    //--All the headphones which see use are modified in some way, usually heavily. I err on the side of smoothness, cleanliness, and lack of blemishes (ringing/peaks/etc) when tuning my equipment.--//

    Own; in use:

    --Sansui SS-100 (modified) (!!!)
    --Pioneer Monitor 10-II (extreme mods) (!!!)

    --NAD RP18 Mylar (!!!)
    --Sennheiser HD700 (extreme mods)
    --Pioneer SE-500 (extreme mods)

    Own; in storage:

    --BEYER DT48S 5 ohm "Scary White" (gift from DeepFunk)
    --Hitachi HD-S9 (mods in progress)
    --KOSS K/6X Plus (first headphones ever)
    --KOSS PRO/4AAA (slight mods)
    --Sansui SS-35 (modded with new drivers) (!)
    --Sony MDR-605 (modded) (!)

    Own; broken:

    x-AKG K1000 (!!!) (project headphone; transplanting HD800 drivers into it)
    x-Audatron SH-608R x2 (both scrapped for parts)
    x-Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (old version) (pile of parts, but complete)
    x-Audio-Technica ATH-3 (arrived from eBay glued together and with one earpad)
    x-BEYER DT48A 5 ohm (currently just a box of (functional) parts; another gift from DeepFunk)
    x-KOSS K/6A (shattered to pieces and scattered across existence)
    x-KOSS Reference One (needs extensive repair)
    x-KOSS PRO/4AAAT (scrapped for parts/failed modding adventure)
    x-KOSS PRO/4AAA Series 2 (!!!) (heavy mods) (driver got botched during a recable)
    x-Pioneer SE-700 (needs new drivers and cable)
    x-Pioneer Monitor 10 (needs pads, screws, and cable)
    x-Pioneer Monitor 10-II #2 (shorted cable) (scrapped for parts)
    x-Sony DR-9 (scrapped for parts)
    x-Sony DR-M5 (needs a new driver)



    --AKG K240 Studio
    --Audatron SH-608R
    --Audez'e LCD-1 (!!!)
    --Audio-Technica ATH-5/Signet TK22
    --Audio-Technica ATH-6D (modded)
    --Audio-Technica ATH-8/Signet TK33
    --Apple EarPods
    --Apple iBuds
    --Bang & Olufsen U70 (modded) (bought for a friend)
    --Beyerdynamic DT1350 x2 (one good, one shite)
    --Dingoo A320 earbuds (lost)
    --Echo TDS-16 (Smela version)
    --Etymotic ER-4PT (returned due to comfort/ear irritation issues)
    --Fostex T50RP (bought for friend)
    --Fostex TH600 (christmas gift) (ew)
    --KOSS PortaPro (good)
    --Monoprice 8320 IEMs (lost)
    --NAD RP18 Mylar (Fostex T50v1 OEM) (!!!)
    --Numark HV-215v (ew)
    --Philips N6330 (AKG K240 Sextett OEM) (NOS) (ew)
    --Pioneer SE-6 (ew)
    --"Pioneer SE-700RP", T50RP drivers in an SE-700 shell
    --Pioneer SE-300
    --Pioneer Monitor 10-II #3 (NOS) (traded)
    --Sansui SS-20
    --Sennheiser HD250 Linear II (headset version)
    --Sony DR-S7 (ew)
    --Sony DR-Z5 (!)
    --Sony DR-Z6 (broke) (!)
    --Sony DR-Z7 (NOS) (!!!)
    --Sony MDR-CD280 (given away)
    --Sony MDR-CD180 (given away)
    --Sony MDR-D77 Eggo (!!!)
    --Sony MDR-SA3000 (ew)
    --Stanton Dynaphase Sixty
    --STAX SR-X MKIII (bought for a friend for Christmas)
    --Sterling TE-400
    --Yamaha YH-1 (stock)
    --Yamaha YH-100
    --Yamaha YHD-1 (stock)


    Heard (all-inclusive ranked list) (last updated 4/29/15):

    --Good ones--

    ?: Sennheiser HD800 (need to relisten)

    1: Sansui SS-100
    2: Sony DR-Z7
    3: Pioneer Monitor 10-II (modded)
    4: Audez'e LCD-1
    5: Sony MDR-605 (modded)
    6: NAD RP18 Mylar (Fostex T50v1 OEM) (with TH600 pads)
    7: Sony MDR-D77
    8: AKG Q701
    9: Pioneer Monitor 10 (modded)
    10: Sennheiser HD250 Linear II
    11: Audio-Technica ATH-8/Signet TK33
    12: Pioneer SE-500 (modded)
    13: KOSS PortaPro
    14: Audio-Technica ATH-6D (modded)
    15: Audio-Technica ATH-5
    16: Sony DR-Z6

    --Not-so-good ones--

    17: STAX SR-X MKIII (DISREGARD: defective energizer)
    18: Phillips N6330 (AKG K240 Sextett OEM)
    19: AKG K812
    20: Fostex TH600
    21: Sansui SS-35
    22: BEYER DT48 S (5 ohm)
    23: Echo TDS-16 Smela
    24: Oppo PM-2
    25: Sony MDR-CD1700
    26: Yamaha YH-1 (stock)
    27: Sony MDR-Z7
    28: KOSS PRO/4AAA (modded)
    29: Grado RS2i
    30: KOSS PRO/DJ200
    31: Pioneer HDJ2000
    32: Pioneer SE-300 (modded)
    33: Sennheiser HD600
    34: KOSS PRO/4AAAT
    35: Pioneer SE-6
    36: Pioneer SE-300 (stock)
    37: Sony DR-M5
    38: V-MODA M-80
    39: KOSS PRO/4AAA (stock)
    40: KOSS Reference One
    41: Audio Technica ATH-6D (stock)
    42: Skullcandy Aviators
    43: Sony MDR-X10
    44: Klipsch Image ONE
    45: Sony DR-Z5
    46: Beyerdynamic DT1350
    47: Pioneer SE-700
    48: Sansui SS-20
    49: Pioneer SE-500 (stock)
    50: KOSS PRO/3AAT
    51: Monoprice 8320 IEMs
    52: Sony MDR-CD280
    53: Sony MDR-CD180
    54: Sennheiser HD380 Pro
    55: KOSS PRO/4AAA Plus
    56: KOSS K/6x Plus
    57: Sennheiser HD280 Pro
    58: Apple Earpods
    59: Beats Pro == Beats Mixr
    60: AIAIAI TMA-1
    61: Fostex T50RP (stock)
    62: Skullcandy Hesh
    63: AKG K240 Studio
    64: Audatron SH-608R (modded)
    65: Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (old version)
    66: Numark HV-215v
    67: Sony MDR-605 (stock)
    68: Sony MDR-XB500
    69: Sony MDR-SA3000
    70: Skullcandy Fix
    71: Skullcandy Skullcrushers
    72: Apple iBuds
    73: Audio-Technica ATH-6
    74: All other models of Beats
    75: Bang & Olufsen U70 (again, bought for a friend)
    76: Audatron SH-608R (stock)
    77: KOSS K/6A
    78: Beats Tour


    //--Source Equipment--//

    Own; In use:

    --Gustard H10 [amp]
    --Geek Out 450 [DAC/amp]

    Own; In storage:

    --JDS Labs Special Edition Objective 2 (rear power, ODAC, 1/4" TRS, upgraded PSU)


    Music Preferences:

    Basically everything, with a few exclusions here and there

    Notable artists:
    --Infected Mushroom
    --Xploding Plastix
    --Necro Facility
    --Skinny Puppy
    --Mindless Self Indulgence
    --Suicide Commando
    --Iron & Wine
    --Nero's Day at Disneyland
    --Venetian Snares
    --Masafumi Takada
    --Parov Stelar
    --Crystal Castles
    --Ronald Jenkees

    Excessively fluffy humanoid weasel-shark thing with a taste for vintage headphones and DIY.

    Translation a 'la OJ: "Vintage dork without any real headphones"