Nov 1, 2017
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Charles River

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Friend, from Charles River


Vendors now get to post article-length advertisements on the homepage. That’s sad. Oct 3, 2021

    1. skem
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      3. Lou Casadonte
        Lou Casadonte
        Your famous! The double link causes 1 extra click for everyone that visits. Thats probably good for the income for the site.
        Jan 16, 2020
        skem likes this.
      4. skem
        Ahhhhhh. My ego has been soothed. All is well now. :)
        Jan 16, 2020
      5. ufospls2
        "Skems bane." huehuehue. I love this place.
        Jan 16, 2020
        RobS likes this.
    2. skem
      spouse: “Your amplifier is working?” Me: “Yes.” Spouse: *listens* “Oh my god. Too detailed, too much information!”
      1. Priidik
        Yesteryear's Sabre dac --> GS-X mk2 feeding HD800?
        Dec 26, 2019
        skem likes this.
      2. famish99
        Dec 26, 2019
      3. Thad E Ginathom
        Thad E Ginathom
        @skem, reassure Mrs skem that her brain will adjust and tune out the information that it feels is excess. That is one of the things that the digital processing system between our ears does.
        Dec 26, 2019
    3. skem
      It’s called Boxing Day because you get to return all those unwanted gifts to Amazon.
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    4. skem
      1. dubharmonic likes this.
      2. dubharmonic
        Gets me every time.
        Dec 18, 2019
    5. skem
      Rise of Skywalker. Discuss...
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      2. BillOhio
        Mando has no over-arching theme, there's no White Walkers or Daeneris and her destiny, no mystery of John Snow... something happens one week, something happens the following week, each week is a nice little episode, but not feeling anything epic like I would have hoped for from Favreau and Star Wars
        Dec 18, 2019
      3. Mithrandir41
        I'm willing to bet they are planting seeds right now for post - season 1. Point taken on GOT foreshadowing, but all that was for shit in the end. Huge fumble.
        Dec 18, 2019
      4. BillOhio
        For Sure on how GoT ended, but the show was at its best when those overarching themes were in full play. Other than Baby Yoda, who doesn't really represent much in terms of story so far, aside from ep 2, I feel like Mando is one self contained episode at a time. Hopefully you're right about the seeds but with all of the SW universe to work with, I'd have thought they'd already have plenty to work with.
        Dec 18, 2019
    6. skem
      Today’s lesson: Do not pick your nose after getting Tabasco on fingers. I can NOT recommend.
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      2. Deep Funk
        Deep Funk
        Lemon juice might be sour, it works sweetly...
        Dec 12, 2019
      3. crazychile
        Yep, must wash hands after handling raw chiles, or pee time soundtrack is hunka hunka burnin love.
        Dec 12, 2019
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      4. Thad E Ginathom
        Thad E Ginathom
        @Hands's avatar could be a portrait of a chilli/anus interaction?
        Dec 12, 2019
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    7. skem
      I have been listening to my system for 11 straight hours. This may be a new personal record.
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    8. skem
      F**k Mondays.
      1. obsiCO, Case, Deep Funk and 11 others like this.
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      3. Roman
        It is chilly and dark today in Seattle, so I agree.
        Oct 21, 2019
        monacelli likes this.
      4. Phantaminum
        I have three projects i’m working on and the deliverables are this month. The person in charge of one portion of the project had one job to do and he’s now out on leave. I just got dumped two days worth of extra work when this project is supposed to go live this week. Woosah...
        Oct 21, 2019
      5. monacelli
        Oct 21, 2019
    9. skem
      For those with M22, I will be doing a second round of retrofits next month, A/B’ing resistors, diodes, and transistors.
      1. JK47, fraggler and Tachikoma like this.
    10. skem
      Ok. I’m seriously impressed by XA25. Works great on HD800, HEK. Makes HE6 muddy, though.
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      2. Thenewerguy009
        What preamp are you using?
        Sep 15, 2019
      3. bazelio
        "One of the best amps I've heard" is a common reaction to the XA25. It's very capable and pairs well with modern nimble sounding speakers.
        Sep 15, 2019
      4. skem
        Preamp is via Adagio. Main speakers are 801 series 3. But I’ve tested on four headphones and also my Walsh Fs. Writing a review now.
        Sep 15, 2019
        Thenewerguy009 likes this.
    11. skem
      Initial impression of XA25 (20m warmup): sweet and delicate midrange
      1. DigMe
        You've had this on for 20 mins and already sharing impressions?
        Sep 11, 2019
      2. skem
    12. skem
      Any thoughts on Schiit JIL?
      1. gaspasser likes this.
      2. skem
        My thoughts are: what’s the clock implementation? Jitter? USB as USB audio or something else?
        Aug 31, 2019
      3. Azimuth
        Knowing Schiit, I'd put it up against any Focusrite or PreSonus interface. I'd use it, but I like having inputs and outputs as well as ASIO drivers.
        Sep 1, 2019
    13. skem
      Using @purr1n’s 37Hz bass note in Doin’ it Right for testing. Great tip!
      1. Lyander
        Great tip indeed, the fact that it's a song I love listening to helps. For something more "violent", I've been using Billie Eilish's xanny lately; 30/31Hz at its lowest, hahaha
        Aug 26, 2019
    14. skem
      Sad(?) Fact: I enjoy figuring out what I consider to be ideal audio reproduction more than I enjoy listening to music.
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      2. Lyander
        I fall somewhere between I think. I don't necessarily chase perfect reproduction of source material, but do have fun seeing how much "better" the listening experience can get. Shame 90% of my library is crud haha.
        Aug 22, 2019
        Syzygy likes this.
      3. E_Schaaf
        I've always thought that the difference between an audiophile and a normal music consumer is that, to the audiophile, all recorded music is acousmatic to some extent. Audiophiles are keenly aware that changing the manner of reproduction can dramatically affect the way the content is perceived.
        Aug 22, 2019
        Josh83 likes this.
      4. Senorx12562
        I am exactly the opposite. Don't think there is any "wrong" though.
        Aug 22, 2019
        Syzygy likes this.
    15. skem
      I’m Bored. Feel like picking a fight... where’s Psal when you need him. :)
      1. Deep Funk likes this.
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      3. skem
        Whereas our beloved Psal finds peace of mind listening to Iron Maiden.

        But yes. I’m not a stoic in practice (can there be any other kind?), but I am an admirer of Seneca.
        Aug 15, 2019
      4. Psalmanazar
        I’m out of the headphone hobby forever. I sold my Sennheisers and just use a Porta Pro and HD 25. The Porta Pro is just as far from speakers if you get a 6.3mm adaptor and plug it into something real.
        Aug 16, 2019
        Thad E Ginathom and skem like this.
      5. skem
        I’m working on a DIY speaker using all the physics and psychoacoustic knowledge I have and Troels’ experience. Maybe you’ll like what comes of it.
        Aug 16, 2019
        Psalmanazar likes this.
    16. skem
      Does anybody have a Hilo they want to sell (or lend)? I want to do some A2D work.
      1. Lou Casadonte likes this.
      2. Lou Casadonte
        Lou Casadonte
        Its a coincidence that I'm in providence for the summer but I have my hilo with me using it as a headphone amp/dac. Please feel free to pm me to discuss your needs.
        Jun 2, 2019
        skem likes this.
    17. skem
      I’m going to Seoul. Any must visit audio places there?
      1. SoupRKnowva
        There was a headphone store I liked in Apgujeong Rodeo, but there’s better things to do in Seoul than investigate audio equipment :P
        Apr 19, 2019
        JK47 and Cakecake like this.
      2. FallingObjects
        I think karaoke counts as audio places in this regards.
        Apr 19, 2019
        SoupRKnowva likes this.
      3. SoupRKnowva
        That’s true, take someone who knows korean to a 노래방 and have a good time
        Apr 19, 2019
    18. skem
      Just read specs on newish Pass XA25. 50uV noise floor. Looks like it could be a good headamp for planers.
      1. m17xr2b and bengo like this.
      2. skem
        Got one of these coming Monday.
        Sep 3, 2019
    19. skem
      Anybody have a Krell w/ high damping factor they want to loan me? :-)
      1. Cakecake likes this.
      2. Cspirou
        You mean the headphone amp?
        Apr 15, 2019
      3. skem
        Well, actually I want something for a loudspeaker test.
        Apr 15, 2019
    20. skem
      Just drove by the Lamborghini place off Parkway Calabasas. Didn’t see @purr1n as expected. Hanging out at the burned-out ExpressLube now?
      1. brencho likes this.
      2. purr1n
        You missed me by a few minutes. I take the onramp and offramp there half the time.
        Feb 15, 2019
        brencho likes this.
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    Crane Song Solaris
    Dangerous Music Convert-2
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    Verum 1
    Timeless 7Hz
    Mostly an Ex-SBAFer.